Psychosocial Center Dresden - Counsel, Aid & Liaison Migrants

CALM - Counsel, Aid, Liaison for Migrants is a project through which we are involved in the promotion of a good social integration of people under psychological strain who are refugees or have another migration background.

The project CALM offers psychological and psychosocial counselling for emotionally distressed people with a migration background or who are recent refugees. The counselling will be carried out in individual or group settings in the Psychosocial Centre Dresden.

In addition, the CALM network provides training courses on how to deal with traumatized refugees in a culturally and psychologically sensitive way in order to open them up for existing offers within the regular support system for the target group.


Advice and contact

If you are interested in the counselling of emotionally distressed people with a migration background in your region or like to know more about the project-related training courses, please find further information in different languages on the project homepage or simply contact our staff.;