Outpatient Assisted Living (ABW)

An outpatient home care service can help one to live in the community in one's own home and thus have a high degree of independence and increased quality of life.

The assistance provided by Outpatient Assisted Living supports adults with chronic mental illness in need of temporary or continuous support in their own home or help coping with various aspects of independent living. Through assistance with daily tasks and regular contact, stability can be achieved to enable a largely self-determined and independent lifestyle where one's own living space is preserved and hospitalization is avoided. Individual case-related help is developed together based on the severity of the mental illness and the patient’s personal goals. The type and level of assistance is constantly reevaluated based on the patient’s level of well-being. All forms of collaboration are based on an attitude of reliability and respectfulness.


Exclusively experienced specialists, e.g. certified social workers or medical practitioners provide support. Our employees have different supplementary qualifications and are regularly adding to their education. The desire to cooperate with us is fundamental to the success of this program. Good cooperation with legal advisors, relatives, as well as the other outpatient and inpatient services on site is paramount to successful participation in this program.

Support content

Per the desires and needs of the patient, Outpatient Assisted Living can assist with the following:

- In-depth discussions to deal with individual problems

- Taking care of oneself in your own home

- Representation of interests vis-à-vis authorities and other official entities

- How to manage your money

- Preserving or building interpersonal relationships

- Advice in situations where there is conflict

- Support in dealing with relatives

- Balancing work and employment and leisure activities while maintaining an appropriate daily routine

- Support in dealing with your own illness and its consequences

- Outpatient crisis management and preparing an emergency plan

- Accompaniment to doctor’s appointments


Integration assistance per. Section 53 SGB XII

The statutory entitlement to these benefits is based on §§ 53 SGB XII. Social welfare organizations (as a rule: the municipal social welfare organization (KSV) Saxony) can submit an application requesting to assume the financial obligations of this program. This requires a medical evaluation, as well as an analysis of financial need of the patient based on the income and assets of the affected person and his immediate relatives. The duration of outpatient home care depends on the individual psychological, social, and life-supportive needs of the user. We cannot, unfortunately, care for people whose primary handicap is a mental disability or addiction.

Arndstraße 66, 04275 Leipzig


Arndstraße 66, 04275 Leipzig
Tram 9 / Bus 60 to Körnerstarße, 5 Minutes on foot.


0341 2214166

If you are interested, simply make a non-binding inquiry by telephone or email. This is simply to get to know your situation, learn about the basic conditions and level of need for help.