Model project: Flexible Ambulatory Residential Care (abWflex)

Through abWflex, we support people with severe mental illnesses and help them to live and stay in their own living space. Characteristic of abWflex is the flexible and gradual adjustment of the care intensity to current requirements.

Our model project abWflex for chronically mentally ill patients is a new and flexible outpatient treatment service in Leipzig.
We are targeting patients with chronically psychiatric illnesses, who have an increased need for support, live in their own home and would be underserved in outpatient care due to the severity of their illness. The support through abWflex with its increased intensity makes it possible for the patients to remain in their usual social environment and thus avoids the installation of a stationary assistance.

For people who are already living in a group home or supervised residence, the move to their own home is a challenging transition. In order to make it easier for these residents to move into their own dwelling, a form of help is needed that intensively accompanies this transitional phase with continuous support from trusted stakeholders.

Characteristic of abWflex is the flexible and, ideally, gradual adaptation of care intensity to the current requirements. The aim of flexible outpatient support is to be able to live a life with the highest possible independence and with maximum professional and social participation.

Our services include:

• Initial discussions, cost clarification and monitoring of the application procedure
• Support and monitoring of illness and crisis management
• Individual support in life-related matters (housing and household management, dealing with mail, finances, etc.)
• Resource- and solution-oriented consulting
• Support integration into the living environment (social participation)
• Assistance to the daily structure and mediation of occupational therapy offers and other employment opportunities (occupational participation)
• Coordination of support services and planning of the individual assistance
• Work with relatives
• Assistance with administrative issues and dealing with authorities


The support is provided exclusively by experienced specialists:

A multi-professional interdisciplinary team of social workers, facilitators and assistants is accompanying the users on their way. Particularly important to us, and the basis for a trusting cooperation is an attitude of appreciation towards the peculiarities of every individual person.

Legal basis: Integration aid according to the German SGB (Code of Social Law), section 53 SGB XII

The prerequisite for inclusion in abWflex is the granting of the so-called integration assistance by the responsible cost bearer. This requires a medical expertise, as well as the examination of income and assets in regards to a possible additional financial contribution of the affected person and his immediate family. The service period depends on the individual psychological, social and practical needs of the users. If necessary, an intensification or reduction according to the current assistance plan can be agreed upon with the cost carrier. After usually 18 months, the aid will be converted to an abW-Service (ambulatory residential care) with lower weekly performance intensity.

If you are interested, please call us or send an Email to make an appointment for a non-binding consultation. This is for personal acquaintance, clarification of costs and framework conditions and assessment of the need for assistance.

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Siemensstraße 18, 04229 Leipzig
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