Activities and Work Study Opportunities

Our activities and work study opportunities for people with mental illness are based on the personal needs, abilities, and interests of the applicants. We aim to create a supportive environment that gives you the courage to branch out and try something different.


We have a regular offering of work-related, creative or leisure activities. The main focus is to derive joy from being active, to connect with the community and to possibly structure and stabilize one's daily life through learning practical skills, discussions, and group field trips. Participation is free of charge and can also be anonymous. Our diverse range of activities can be found on our event calendar.

Work Study Opportunities

In our work study program, people with mental illness are given different opportunities to strengthen and broaden their skills by participating in productive and social environments in our tea rooms. Various levels of participation are possible. One can work as an intern, a volunteer or part-time worker and all of these can serve as an important step towards leading a self-determined and independent life. Working and being employed creates opportunities to feel appreciated, needed and successful. It also gives one the feeling of being part of a community. Our organization offers practical work experience, guidance, support, psychosocial care and the possibility of financial compensation.

Arndstraße 66 04275 Leipzig


Arndstraße 66 04275 Leipzig
Tram 9 / Bus 60 to Körnerstraße, 5 minutes on foot


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