Social Therapeutic Living

"External living groups" are social therapeutic housing options designed to help adults with chronic mental illness lead a largely independent and self-determined life with easy access to communal resources should help or support be needed.

With our social-therapeutically supervised housing options, residents are given time to stabilize. Together, depending on the severity of the mental illness and the patient’s personal goals, we develop individual case-related support and an individually designed daily routine. The type and nature of support is based on the resources and competencies of each individual client and the aim is to rebuild or maintain an active social life. We try to motivate active participation and the highest possible level of independence. Our motto is "Help for Self-Help", and we try to encourage the transferal of responsibility to our patients.

Support is provided exclusively by experienced specialists:

a multi-professional team of social workers and care givers work with residents throughout their stay. Our employees have different supplementary qualifications and are regularly broadening their knowledge base through various training courses. It is particularly important for us to respect and acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual. We believe this is the basis for establishing trustworthy relationships with our clients.

Available options apply to various aspects of life:

Our apartments are independent social communities that create a feeling of security and community for residents. Having one’s own living area contributes to the process of psychological stabilization and the assumption of responsibility. Additionally, residents have other resources available to assist with various aspects of living independently including:

  • Motivating and trustworthy caregivers
  • Setting individual goals and plans
  • Individualized support for developing general life skills
  • Support for disease and crisis management
  • Individual and group activities
  • Support in maintaining a daily routine
  • Representing and accompanying clients with official matters
  • Help in building a sense of community and belonging


Various living and care facilities are available:

  • 12 single-occupancy apartments with flexible care. These are intended to help avoid moving to assisted group homes or to facilitate a smooth transition from a group home (requires a separate living space),
  • 8 occupants in two supervised groups of 4 (each occupant has a single room),
  • 14 occupants in seven supervised 2-family dwellings (each occupant has a single room)

Legalities: Integration Aid acc. Section 53 SGB XII

The prerequisite for the collection of aid is the granting of “integration assistance” by the entity financially responsible for the services (usually: Kommunaler Sozialverband (KSV)). This requires a medical evaluation and an examination of the income and property of the affected person and his or her immediate family as possible additional payments may be required. The length of stay in our facility depends on the individual’s psychological, social, and life-supportive needs. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept people whose primary handicap is a mental disability, the same applies to those who are suicidal or primarily have an addiction problem.  The success of the program depends predominantly on the desire to work together and cooperate.


Siemensstraße 18, 04229 Leipzig


Siemensstraße 18, 04229 Leipzig
Tram 1, 2, 3 / Bus 60 to Adler, 3 Min. on foot


+ 49 341 4110885

If you are interested, simply make a non-binding inquiry by telephone or email. This is simply for us to get to know your needs, basic conditions and the level of assistance that is needed.





Translation by Dr. Catherine Kilroe-Smith.