Self-help and Support Groups

A self-help group gives you strength and motivates you. You will find here a number of groups for different topics. The number of participants in each group is usually between five and nine patients.

Nine self-help groups are currently using our rooms in Arndtstraße 66 in Leipzig once or twice a week. The regular meetings of the self-help groups are planned and carried out by their members on their own responsibility. The content of the conversation and the activities as well as the organization of the group work are developed and determined jointly by the participants. Each individual member also determines for himself what and how much it would like to share with the group.

Self-help groups (SHGs) can be an important building block in coping with mental and social problems. Mutual understanding, acceptance and trust in a group of people living in a similar life situation help to deal with themselves and their problem better. We therefore support self-help groups organisationally and provide them with advice.

A self-help group is not a therapy. The group does not replace any medical or therapeutic treatment. However, it can be a useful addition to this.


Current self-help groups in BOOT

  • SHG "Sozialkompetenz SoKoLeipzig" – Topic: social phobias
  • SHG “Zwanglos” – Topic: Compulsive disorder
  • SHG „Bammelbalsam“  Topic: Fears
  • SHG „Getrennte und in Trennung lebende“ – Topic: Separations     
  • SHG „Kristall“ – Topic: Addiction
  • SHG “Phönix” – Topic: Addiction
  • SHG „Sucht und psychische Erkrankung“ – in cooperation with Landesverband Sachsen 
  • SHG „ADHS“ – Topic: Living with ADHD
  • SHG "EKS" - Topic: Adult children from addicted families



This measure is co-financed from the budget funds of the City of Leipzig and with tax funds on the basis of the budget decided by the members of the Saxon Landtag.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.
The contacts are provided by Mrs. Silke Jolas-Whittington.


Arndtstraße 66, 04275 Leipzig


Arndtstraße 66, 04275 Leipzig
Tram 9 / Bus 60 to Körnerstraße, 5 Min. on foot

Counsel and contact

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+49 341 2257816
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