We like to be involved. If you are interested in backing our work, volunteer for us or help us financially with a donation - please contact us. We would be happy about it..


We need you! For example as volunteers to support our community activities

The value of volunteer commitment can not be overestimated for our work. We could not do much without this support.
Anyone who endorses our goals can join us. Depending on your individual conditions and your personal preferences, your contribution can be varied:

  • as support in our open offers in the tea rooms
  • for the hourly monitoring of persons with limited ability to cope with everyday life
  • or for other activities related to our offers

Advice and contact

If you are interested or have questions about a volunteer engagement in the BOAT, please call us.

Kathrin Rauh
Arndtstraße 66, 04275 Leipzig
Phone: +49 341 22536747  Fax: +49 341 22536746                  




You can also support our work directly with a financial contribution. Public subsidies leave increasingly less scope for additional offers other than the so-called compulsory tasks. So you can donate for all what it`s worth, in any and every case it will particularly benefit disadvantaged people. If you inform us of your address, we will send you a donation certificate at the end of the year. 

Advice and contact

If you have any doubts about your donation or any other questions, please call us at our office.

Geschäftsstelle das BOOT gGmbH Sozialpsychiatrisches Zentrum
Könneritzstraße 72, 04229 Leipzig                                          
Phone: +49 341 39295799 Fax: +49 341 39295798                    

Here you will find the donation form