Das BOOT e.V. - Action for psycho-social help and self-help - can build on many years of experience in social psychiatry.

Das BOOT was founded on February 28, 1990 as a registered association of people with psychiatric experience, professional assistants and interested non-professionals. The people we support are essentially adult people with mental illnesses, persons in acute or sub-acute psychological and/or social crises, as well as their relatives and friends. Das BOOT took on the complementary psychiatric care in the urban areas of Leipzig South, Southwest and Altwest, which is the responsibility of the public health administration of the city of Leipzig as well as the of the municipal social association (Kommunaler Sozialverband) of the State of Saxony.
The reasons that led to the establishment of Das BOOT at that time are still pushing us forward: the idea of focusing on the people. To join forces and go out into the districts and organise an outpatient, ambulant care of people with mental illnesses or psycho-social problems, on the basis of their individual needs.
Since May 8, 1990, Das BOOT is a member of the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband. Since January 1, 2007, all work-related areas of the association are gradually taken over by Das BOOT gGmbH Social Psychiatric Centre.
According to its statutes, the purpose of the association is the promotion of free welfare care. This is realized through procuring of funds and forwarding of the funds to Das BOOT gGmbH, which has to use the funds for the advancement of free welfare care in the sense of the tax-advantaged purposes of the gGmbH (non-profit limited liability company). In addition, the association can pursue its aims directly by providing assistance to people in need with mental, psychological or physical challenges by carrying out integrative projects. Since 2015, the association additionally offers further education and training courses for the promotion of social psychiatric services: people with mental illnesses should not only live in specialized clinics or social psychiatric institutions but in the middle of society. In the purpose of our integrative work, it is also our aim to integrate our knowledge about (social) psychiatric issues into the occupational routines of different professions.

Arndtstraße 66, 04275 Leipzig


Arndtstraße 66, 04275 Leipzig
Telephone and email (via the head office of Das BOOT gGmbH)
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