Programs to Assist with Daily Life (AUA)

Living a normal life in the community and knowing where to find help if needed: Our programs to assist patients with mental illnesses live normal lives in the community are outreach programs funded by the nursing fund.

Our offerings to provide support with daily living (also referred to as low-threshold care and relief programs) are targeted at mentally ill people with a diagnosed need for daily care due to restrictions in their ability to look after themselves alone. Specialists and professionally trained volunteers provide relief to caring relatives, if present, and general support.


Programs to Assist with Daily Life (§ 45b SGB XI) are requested formally at your nursing home. Beginning in 2017, any person with a certifiable need for care at care levels from 1 to 5 will receive 125 euros per month. Invoices from the Programs to Assist Daily Life are reimbursed by the nursing fund. Funds are not issued to individuals, rather they are paid directly by the fund per invoice. Only the actually incurred and documented costs are reimbursed by the nursing fund. At the end of the year, unused amounts can be used applied to the next year, but should be used by the 30 June before they are forfeited by the nursing fund. Domestic services and basic health care are not eligible for reimbursement.


Ranging from accompanying the patient to the doctor to baking cookies, the Assistance with Daily Life program provides a wide range of support and care to those in need. Additional day-to-day care and support can be arranged to those trying to live independently in their own home. The type of assistance is determined jointly and includes the following:

  • Communication-related assistance such as reading together, playing games, chatting, singing, writing their biography, looking at photos etc.
  • Assistance with physical activities for example, going for a walk, doing simple housework, cooking together, making plans, and maintaining a daily structure.
  • Accompanying on various excursions such as visits to the doctor's office or official institutions, shopping or going to the pharmacy. If of interest, cultural excursions such as going to the movies, a museum or park can be arranged.
  • Basic instruction on how to look after oneself and maintain a household; for example, general personal hygiene, doing laundry, grocery shopping or cleaning the house.

These services can be agreed with us on an hourly basis according to individual requirements.

Programs to Assist with Daily Life (AUA)
Könneritzstraße 72, 04229 Leipzig

Programs to Assist with Daily Life (AUA)

Könneritzstraße 72, 04229 Leipzig
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