Mentally ill people who are homeless can benefit from the counseling and support offered by our clinical social workers and our "emergency accommodation" project which aims to help participants overcome homelessness and maintain sustainable psychiatric care.

The emergency shelter project provides supportive housing for homeless people with mental illness and, in addition to receiving accommodation in state-funded housing, mental health counseling and support is also available. The project represents a clearing house where homelessness and psychiatry intersect: homelessness can be permanently overcome and psychiatric care is ensured. The emergency shelter for homeless people with mental illness is a transitional aid and stays are limited to three months.

Case-by-case assistance

This program is aimed at people who would be able to look after themselves in their own home. In individual cases, we can assist with the following:


• Help to find suitable accommodation to prevent future homelessness

• Organizing and arranging support systems

• Network and case management

• Solution-based advice on how to function successfully on a daily basis

• Assistance with official and administrative matters, including accompaniment to appointments

• Support for the fulfillment of financial obligations

• Crisis intervention and crisis management


Access to state-funded housing and care in the Emergency Accommodation for Homeless People with Mental Illness is provided by the city of Leipzig, Social Services, and Emergency Accommodation. According to state law in Sachsen (SächsPolG), it is the municipalities' legal obligation to provide accommodation.

Dieskaustraße 54, 04229 Leipzig


Dieskaustraße 54, 04229 Leipzig
Tram 3 to Schwartzestraße; Bus 60 to Adler, 7 Minutes on foot.

Emergency Accommodation

0341 39295245