Therapy & crisis support

Every human being can get into mental crises. We support people in their accustomed living environment who are in an acute mental crisis or are constantly struggling with the effects of their chronic mental illness.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy offers people suffering from mental illnesses a therapeutically oriented and practical means to learn to help themselves. It can help recover or regain impaired abilities, compensate for functional disorders, and prevent future relapses.


Outpatient Sociotherapy

Outpatient sociotherapy is an alternative option for people with mental illness to help avoid or reduce inpatient hospital treatment. The aim of sociotherapy is to stabilize patients psychologically, promote social integration and provide them with the tools so that they can lead independent lives and manage their illness.


Network Mental Health Leipzig

The philosophy of the Mental Health Network is to offer a patient-friendly and systematic outpatient help and treatment in psychological crisis situations.


Outpatient psychiatric care

Outpatient psychiatric care contributes to resource-oriented support in crisis situations and can be an instrument for planning and developing aid.