Integrated care for people with mental illnesses

The philosophy of the Mental Health Network is to offer a patient-friendly and systematic outpatient help and treatment in psychological crisis situations.

Anyone can get into a mental crisis. Crisis situations are often a great challenge and are accompanied by uncertainty and the feeling of being overwhelmed of those affected and their entire family. People with mental crises need fast practical assistance to address their acute problems. Central building block is the coordination of a supporting network, which is customized in consultation with the patients. If appropriate outpatient support is organized, mental illnesses can best be treated in the patients’ own and familiar environment. Going to the hospital is not necessary for every crisis.


Participation in the Mental Health Network is voluntary and usually takes place following in-patient treatment. You can revoke the participation at any time. The following health insurances fund the participation: TK, KKH, DAK. Your health insurance company checks the conditions of participation. If you participate, you will not incur any additional costs, except for the statutory payments. Your health insurance company is not mentioned here? - Talk to your contact person or contact us for further information.

Therapy and methods

Together with you, we create a sustainable treatment network for your mental health. The concrete procedure depends on the individual case and is discussed individually. Our work in the network of mental health is linked to many years of experience in community psychiatry in Leipzig and all over Germany. Help for self-help and catering for the personal needs of each individual is particularly important to us. Specifically, the work is characterized by:

- Complementary to the specialist medical treatment
- Extensive advice in preparation of enrolment in the Mental Health Network
- Continuous exchange between the patients and their personal contact persons in the network
- Counselling and treatment in the habitual living environment by a highly qualified ambulant treatment team (among others, sociotherapists, occupational therapists, psychiatric care professionals)
- Coordination of all measures and appointments with the patient's personal situation
- Availability of the network around the clock                                                          - Retreats can be used as an alternative to inpatient admission, in coordination and consultation with your physician or supervisor                                                 - If a stay in the hospital is unavoidable, the contact to the personal reference person of the network will remain              - Dependents can be included upon request                                                      - The treatment by your trusted medical practitioner can be easily continued even when you are connected to the network.


Would you like to learn more? Already before your first visit with us we help you with the most important questions concerning your participation in the Mental Health Network Leipzig.

NetzWerk psychische Gesundheit
Könneritzstraße 72, 04229 Leipzig

NetzWerk psychische Gesundheit

Könneritzstraße 72, 04229 Leipzig
Tram 1, 2 / Bus 74 to Stieglitzstraße, 5 Min. on Foot


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