Outpatient psychiatric care

Outpatient psychiatric care contributes to resource-oriented support in crisis situations and can be an instrument for planning and developing aid.

People with mental stress experience their illness in individual ways. Symptoms can affect one’s everyday life and individual lifestyle to varying degrees.  

We support you with our specialist nursing team for Outpatient Psychiatric Care-        To cope with crisis situations in order to avoid hospital stays

  • To cope with crisis situations in order to avoid hospital stays
  • To maintain autonomy and a self-reliant lifestyle
  • In strengthening existing resources
  • For all aspects of nursing care around your illness
  • And for the development of compensatory aids

What can be included in Outpatient Psychiatric Care?

  • Accompaniment in crisis situations, if necessary a 24-hour accessibility
  • Help in coping with everyday tasks, shopping, cooking, etc.
  • Development of a daily and weekly structure
  • Help in maintaining and developing individual strategies for your personal life
  • Promotion of a responsible approach to medication and counselling on its effects and side-effects
  • Planning of leisure activities and social contacts
  • Counselling and involvement of your relatives, on request
  • Support of medical therapy and accompaniment during visits to the doctor
  • Close-knit conversations, care offers and regular visits at home, if necessary several times a week

The Team

Our team consists exclusively of highly qualified specialist nursing staff for psychiatry. All employees have many years of professional experience in the field of psychiatry as well as specific advanced training courses aimed at providing comprehensive counselling and support for people with mental illness. Together we try to strengthen people in their local environment and enable them to take responsibility for their lives.


Good to know

Initial contact

You or your attending specialist physician will contact us. We can also visit you in your domestic environment and plan all further steps there with you.



Participation in outpatient psychiatric care is based on a prescription, either by your psychiatrist or, in exceptional cases and only if diagnosed with certainty, by your family doctor. Outpatient psychiatric care is subject to co-payment as part of the general co-payment regulations. The benefit is open to insured persons of all insurance companies.


When can Outpatient Psychiatric Care not be prescribed?

Unfortunately, APP cannot be prescribed if the patient is an employee and able to work (not on sick leave). An APP prescription is also excluded during sociotherapy. However, there is a possibility that the sociotherapy may pause during APP.


Your contact person in the Outpatient Psychiatric Care department

All patients in Outpatient Psychiatric Care in Leipzig receive an individual contact person who plans the further steps and offers reliable company in difficult situations. Your companion will also support you in coordinating the various components of your accompaniment.


Your attending physicians

The cooperation with your trusted specialist physician is the basis for all steps of your treatment. A change is not necessary..


If you are interested, simply call or email us to arrange a non-binding consultation

Ambulante Psychiatrische Pflege
Könneritzstraße 72, 04229 Leipzig

Ambulante Psychiatrische Pflege

Könneritzstraße 72, 04229 Leipzig
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