Consulting & Support

The BOOT offers a wide range of counselling and support services for people with mental disabilities and their relatives. We orient ourselves to the needs of the individual and focus on strengthening the self-healing powers.

Counseling centers South and Southwest

Anyone who needs psycho-social help and support on short notice, or simply needs general information on psychiatric or psycho-social issues, can consult with our counselling centre.



Living and participation

The offers in the area of living and participation are aimed at adult, mentally ill people in the city of Leipzig. We would like to make it possible for these people to live a self-determined life in their own household or in the community with our everyday life-oriented offers. 

Outpatient Assisted Living (ABW)

Social Therapeutic Living

Tea room south and southwest

.Our "tea rooms" are places where people suffering from mental and / or social disorders can get together to interact on a social level. Access is open to everyone and there are no entrance requirements.



In addition to the established services in the primarily outpatient social-psychiatric field, we are committed to particularly disadvantaged target groups in order to promote social participation and integration.

Psychosocial Center Dresden - Counsel, Aid & Liaison Migrants

LEIPZIGER OBDACH PLUS (LOP) (Leipzig’s Homeless Project)


Model project: Flexible Ambulatory Residential Care (abWflex)






Offers to support in everyday life

Living a normal life in the community and knowing where to find help if needed: Our programs to assist patients with mental illnesses live normal lives in the community are outreach programs funded by the nursing fund.


self-help group

A self-help group gives you strength and motivates you. You will find here a number of groups for different topics. The number of participants in each group is usually between five and nine patients.


Labour- and participation supply

Our activities and work study opportunities for people with mental illness are based on the personal needs, abilities, and interests of the applicants. We aim to create a supportive environment that gives you the courage to branch out and try something different.